The Importance of Confirming Your Answers

Let me accord you a quick, simple to use, address that will accomplish your closes beneath and added effective. The address is to affirm your answers to any affairs catechism – or any argument – that you get. The accent of this came up for me while I was alert to a alternation of buzz calls during which a sales rep was administering a audience of a product. If the anticipation asked the price, the rep gave it to him, but afresh he just kept talking to absolve it!

It went something like this:

Prospect: “So how abundant does this cost?”

Closer: “The amount for set up in your area is just $700, and afresh the account fee is just $125 per month. Of advance we do a lot for you for that set up fee. It takes our tech agents blah, blah, blah… And also, that account fee covers blah, blah, blah. In addition, we aswell blah, blah, blah… And addition affection with this is blah, blah, blah, blah… “

What happened on this alarm is that the closer, in his attack to absolve the price, in fact alien a catechism which angry into an argument and that led to this auction getting stalled. And that’s the big crisis whenever you activate talking accomplished the close.

What the rep should accept done is use a acceptance account to see how the amount fits for the prospect. Something like this:

Prospect: “So how abundant does this cost?”

Closer: “The amount for set up in your area is just $700, and afresh the account fee is just $125 per month. Does that plan aural your budget?”

If architecture added amount was required, afresh he could accept gone into a abrupt account of that, but afterwards that, he would still accept to affirm his acknowledgment (which he and a lot of added closers rarely do).

To yield this further, if the anticipation afresh said that it did fit aural his budget, the next catechism would accept been:

“And do you anticipate this will plan in your company?”

If the acknowledgment to that catechism was yes, then:

“Great! Afresh let me appearance you how to get started… “

This way, the abutting could accept happened continued afore the rep talked accomplished the sale.

This abstraction of acknowledging your acknowledgment is acute not just if you acknowledgment a question, but aswell if you acknowledgment an argument as well. For example, afterwards you acknowledgment a amount objection, or argument about availability or any added objection, the affair to do is affirm your answer. Use any of the following:

“Did I acknowledgment that for you?”

“Is that added bright now?”

“Does that accomplish faculty to you?”

“Do you see why we allegation for that now?”


And afterwards you do, if you get a yes or get buy in, afresh you ask for the order! Use, “Great, afresh let me appearance you how simple it is for you to get started with this… “

If the anticipation afresh has addition catechism or objection, you acknowledgment that as well, affirm your acknowledgment and ask for the order, over and over again.

The point actuality is that if you affirm your answer, you afresh get to ask for the order. If you don’t, and you’re talking or casting afterwards you acknowledgment a question, afresh affairs are, you’ll talking accomplished the close. And why would you wish to do that?

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